Daniella Vauvert Olesen
Born March 6th, 2004

We have published these family records both to share within our own family but also hoping through the internet to get into contact with others who may extend our current knowledge of the ancestry tree. 

If you have information about ancestors in our family, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to : acapixus at acapixus dot dk

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Fan chart:
   Daniella Vauvert Olesen (2004), 6 generations, pdf: click

Ancestor charts:
   Daniella Vauvert Olesen (2004), 7 generations (1st to 7th), pdf: click
   Daniella Vauvert Olesen (2004), 26 generations (1st to 26th), pdf: click
   Daniella Vauvert Olesen (2004), 62 generations (1st to 62nd), pdf: click
   Kjeld Olesen (1961), 10 generations (2nd to 11th), pdf: click
   Waldemar Bahnson (1829), 8 generations (7th to 14th), pdf: click
   Sophie Magdalene Schaffalitzky Vauvert (1886), 7 generations (5th to 11th), pdf: click
   Luis Vauvert (1812), 12 generations (7th to 18th), pdf: click
   Heidi Perdersen (1946), 9 generations (3rd to 11th), pdf: click

Timeline chart:
   18 generations, pdf: click

Ancestor book, 26 generations, html: click

Descendants of great-grandparents
    After Niels Christian Emanuel Olesen and Lovise Karoline Nielsen Møller: click
    After Christian Bertelsen Wiese and Nielsine Severine Thorsen: click
    After Gerhard Jens Jacob Neergaard Jacobsen and Guri Vauvert Bahnson: click
    After Johannes Pedersen and Lidwina Luise Mathis-Hubatka: click

Source files
    Descendants of Peter Poul Hubatka as JPEG: click  (20.000 by 16.000 pixel scan available)
    Vauvert family document as HTML: click
    Ancestors of Frederikke Lovise Dorthea Catrine Hansen (11 May 1829): click
    Ancestors of Børge Dinesen Pontoppidan (10 Aug 1683): click

Ancestor locations

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